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AFTER PAULINE KNIP, (1781-1851)...

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AFTER PAULINE KNIP, (1781-1851) TEMMINCK COENRAAD JACOB (1778-1858) - Colomba cinerea, colomba migratoria mas, colomba livia, colomba lecocephala, colomba malaccensis, colomba geoffroyri. - Six plates engraved in color by César Macret, printed by Millevoy. - Extracted from the book: Les Pigeons, Par Madame KNIP, premier peintre d'histoire naturelle de S.M. l'impératrice reine Marie-Louise, Paris, Mame et Garnery (1808-1811). - Framed in pairs in wood and gilt stucco frames with palmettes decoration of the Empire period. - 43,5 x 32 cm. - Stains, foxing, sunstains, two broken glasses.

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