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Encyclopedia or reasoned dictionary of sciences, arts and crafts, by a society of literary people. Put in order and published by M. Diderot; and as for the mathematical part, by M. d'Alembert. Third edition.
Genève, chez Jean-Léonard Pellet, et Neufchatel, Société typographique,1778
Reunion of 24 volumes in 4° (out of 36, for the text and 3 volumes of plates). The volumes of plates are missing.
Third edition of the Encyclopaedia, decorated with a portrait of Diderot and d'Alembert at the head of the first volume - drawn by Charles-Nicolas Cochin and engraved by Louis-Jacques Cathelin - and with numerous bands and caps.
Full contemporary binding in fawn basane. Spine ribbed, decorated with gilt irons and fleurons.
This series of 24 volumes is a working copy, with a complete text (for the volumes presented), but in poor external condition, with serious defects;
We present the following volumes:
T 1 -
T. 2 -
T. 3 -
T. 5 - Missing on the back.
T. 7 -
T. 8 - A damaged and aged copy. Missing on the spine.
T. 9 -
T. 10 -
T. 11 - Missing from the headpiece.
T. 12 - Second plate detached.
T. 13 - Missing head cover.
T. 17 - Missing head and foot.
T. 18 - Important damages.
T. 20 - Important piece of leather detached, on the second board.
T. 21 - Important damages.
T. 22 - Both boards detached.
T. 23. Missing at the foot.
T. 24 - Important damages on the spine.
T. 25 -
T. 27 - Missing at foot. Joints of the first plate broken.
T. 28 -
T. 29 - Missing at the headpiece.
T. 30 -
T. 31 -

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