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FASHION - COSTUMES - SHOES Lot of 22 publications...

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FASHION - COSTUMES - SHOES] Lot of 22 publications (catalogues, leaflets), various periods. - [COIFFURE] Maison Marius HENG - [Coiffures nouvelles]. (Paris, P. Schneider), s.d. In-8, stapled, cover illustrated with a colour etching by Léa Lafugie. 4] pp. - [PERFUMERY] - Perfume "Celui" by Jean DESSÈS. Presentation leaflet in-4, in ivory folder, title in the form of a golden perfume bottle. 2 leaves printed in English and 1 photo of the bottle "Celui", first perfume created by Jean Dessès. - [FASHION] HIGH LIFE TAILOR - La Folie à la mode. S.l., Draeger, s.d. [years '20-30]. In-4, paperback, colour illustrated cover (slightly creased). Text by Miguel Zamacois. The catalogue presents the models in black and is illustrated in colour notably by G. Barbier, Martin, Lepape. - [FASHION] MONTAILLE - Winter 1891-1892. Drawings by Albert GUILLAUME. S.l., Cerf, (1891). Small in-4, paperback. Title and 19 monochrome pages of women's dress designs. House of women's clothing, especially black toilets for mourners. - GRANDS MAGASINS DU PRINTEMPS, Paris - Jules JALUZOT - Special white catalogue. 1895. Paris, Chaix, (1895). In-8, stapled (cover soiled and faded). Catalogue illustrated with several small pieces of fabric samples for shirts, towels, sheets, handkerchiefs, dresses, aprons... Faded. AUX GALERIES LAFAYETTE - Nouveautés d'été. Monday, April 25 and following days. Paris, H.-L. Motti, s.d. [very early 20th c.]. Small in-4, stapled, first cover illustrated with a sepia vignette by Drian. [8] pp. in black. - AUX GALERIES LAFAYETTE - Blanc. Lyon branch. Great fortnight from Monday 12 to Monday 26 January. (Paris, Imp. de Montsouris), s.d. ca. 1931]. In-8, stapled. 64 pp. in black. and 1 flyleaf - AT THE LAFAYETTE GALLERIES - General exhibition. Tuesday March 3 and following days. (Paris, Imp. Georges Lang), s.d. ca. 1931]. In-8, stapled. 34, [2] pp. In color or monochrome. Accompanied by 2 loose leaflets "March 1931 Goldsmiths" and "Woolens". - AUX GALERIES LAFAYETTE - General exhibition of the season's novelties. (Paris, Georges Lang), s.d. [1930s]. In-4, stapled. 28] pp. monochrome. Clothes mainly. - GRANDS MAGASINS DU LOUVRE (Paris) - Summer Season 1911. (Paris, H.-G. Motti, 1911). In-8, stapled. - AU PRINTEMPS (Paris) - Monday, February 17 and following days. Gloves, flowers, perfumery, lace. (Paris, Imp. E. Pigelet), s.d. In-8, stapled. 8] pp. printed in blue. - AUX TROIS QUARTIERS (Paris) - Summer 1934. For sport, the countryside and the sea. (Paris, La Photolith), [1934]. Small in-4, stapled, cover illustrated by Marianne Clouzot. 16] pp. mostly in colour. - TOC ! TOC ! - Who is there? - La Mode, Madame ! [...] For a carbon copy Marie Bertin. Color illustrated leaflet. Small tear, cover browned. - [SHOES] JOHNSTON & MURPHY SHOES - Shoes. New ones for spring. S.l.s.n., n.d. In-32, stapled. 8] pp. - [SOULIERS] ROTHSCHILD - JOHNSTON & MURPHY SHOES - Shoes. S.l.s.n., n.d. In-32, stapled. 8] pp. - [SOULIERS] L. MOGLIA, shoe factory (Cambrai) - Tariff n° 12. 4] pp. in colour offering espadrilles, silencers, slippers, fatigue boots, shoes... - [FABRICS] J. MEURICE & Cie - Some fabrics... some ideas. N° 9. (Paris, Le Croquis), September 10, 1926. In-8, stapled. 27 pp. Catalogue of the J. Meurice house specializing in silks, velvets and woollens. All pages illustrated with one or more models in colour except for one page. - LA MODE PRATIQUE. 2] f. advertising for the magazine. - [COSTUMES] A. GRÉVIN - Fancy costumes for a transvestite ball. Unpublished drawings. Paris, Bureaux des Modes Parisiennes, de la Toilette de Paris [...], s.d. In-4, factitious paperback (tears and missing parts). Title, 1 f. of explanation of travesties and 24 colour plates. Working copy. - LIBERTY & CO - Wedding gowns and bridesmaid's dresses. Series I. S.l.s.n., s.d. Catalogue faded and incomplete. - Marie SCHILD - Children's fancy costumes. Second edition. London, Samuel Miller, s.d. ca. 1900]. In-4, paperback. Catalogue of children's clothing for fancy balls. - [Fashion] - The Charm of Courtaulds fabrics. Incomplete.

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