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ECOLE de SEVILLE du XVIIème siècle

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1- Still life with copper basin, ironed wooden bucket, mortar and pestle, bowls, broken jug and jar on an entablature with knife and spoons. Oil on canvas. Top right a label No. 13. 81,5 x 101,5 cm. Re-painting. Trace of old accident at bottom right; old varnish dirty. 2 - Still life with brazier, glazed jug, clay bowl, copper jar, clay jug, pewter plate with poached eggs and basket. Oil on canvas. 83,5 x 101,5 cm. Reinterlining. Accident top right; some restorations in the background; old varnish dirty. Wooden frames and gilded stucco from the 19th century with a motif of foliage and flowers (accidents). Our two still lifes or Bodegones are similar to those studied by Eric Young in his article: New Perspective on Spanish Still - Life of the Golden Age, in particular the composition in copper basin (Canvas; 69 x 95 cm) from the former collection of the Marquis de Gouba (No. 77) (The Burlington Magazine, April 1976, Vol. 118. No. 877, pp. 202 - 214).