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Lucien COUTAUD (1904-1977)

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Lucien COUTAUD (1904-1977) Exotic Gardens I, II, III or Tropical Gardens Suite of three cartons of tapestry, oils on paper mounted on canvas, rolled Titles respectively Left panel 1, Central panel 2, Right panel 3, bear the dimensions The central panel and the right panel are signed and dated at the bottom left Coutaud 60 260 X 190 cm (Important cracks, These three works are the cartoons for the tapestries Jardins exotiques I, II, III or Jardins tropicaux or Femmes fleurs (2.63 × 1.90 m), which were woven in 1960 by the Atelier Hamot in Aubusson for the liner France of the Compagnie Générale Maritime. They adorned the Fontainebleau lounge in first class.