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Albert SEBILLE (1874-1953) "These...

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Albert SEBILLE (1874-1953)<br/> "These young ladies of Marseilles are returning to port. Reign of Louis XIV. »<br/> Large oil on canvas signed lower right.<br/> 1 x 1,90 m.<br/> B.E. Frame with green and gold patina.<br/> <br/> This large composition by the navy painter Albert SEBILLE shows the return to port of the royal galleys during the reign of Louis XIV.<br/> Biography :<br/> Albert Sebille (1874- 1953), appointed official naval painter in 1907. He is Mediterranean, all his youth was spent in Marseille.<br/> He was trained in the fine arts of this city. In 1894, at the age of twenty, he "went up" to Paris. He did not practice impressionism, which was beginning in<br/> At that time, he preferred maritime narrative painting, especially as this led him to become an official naval painter. He took part in the war<br/> After the war, he became attached to the newspaper "L' Illustration". His dream was to publish the "universal history of the navy" (with the help of the<br/> by Georges Toudouze Charles de la Roncière, Tramond, Rondeleux, Dolfus, Lestonnat). Watercolorist, poster designer, l'Illustration<br/> has been a very important support for him. He works for the maritime league. Collaborates with the Transat Revue. He takes care of the<br/> navy during the war. His work is very important and in various forms. He contributed to the ornamentation of the squares of the Georges<br/> Leygues, Strasbourg, Richelieu.<br/> Related work:<br/> Osenat, La Royauté à Versailles, 24th May 2020, n°, polychrome painting, gold and silver) : on the left, the coat of arms of DOGE AGOSTINO<br/> BARBARIGO surmounting those of its ambassador ANDREA CAPELLO, in the centre, the coat of arms of the<br/> pope ALEXANDER VI (cartel inscription below half erased, probably "[ALEX.] VI /<br/> MAX "), and on the right, the coat of arms of the DUC DE MILAN JEAN GALÉAS SFÒRZA.<br/> - LARGE LETTER (145 x 23 mm, black, violet and gold paint) filigree with vegetal scrolls<br/> with 2 f

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