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CONDÉ (Louis de Bourbon, Prince...

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CONDÉ (Louis de Bourbon, Prince of). 2 pieces signed "Louis de Bourbon" as viceroy of Catalonia. 1647. Each one a p. in-folio, the second with wax seal to his weapons under paper; some marginal dirt. - Barcelona, April 12, 1647. "Having judged it appropriate to send to Flix [35 km south of Lerida] the Sr Baron des Jumeaux, battle leader [René de Sayve, Baron de Jumeaux], for important business in the service of the king, we order all the commanding officers to send to Flix [35 km south of Lerida] the regimens that are established in the frontiers and other troops, mesmes to the officers and soldiers, both French and Swiss, of the garrison of Flix, in the absence of Sr. chevalier de La Valiere [Laurent de La Baume-Le Blanc, chevalier de La Vallière, father of the famous duchess, and who was part of his staff], and governors of Miravet and other places, to receive his orders and obey whatever he orders them to do for the service of His Majesty... » - "At the camp in front of Leryda," June 4, 1647. "Flix's government is now inoculating by the death of the Sr. chevalier de La Valliere, and is necessary, pending the orders of the king, to commit there any person whose affection in the service of His Majesty, experience and generosity are known to us, to these causes we have committed, ordered, and deputed, commit, order, and depute Sr Baron de Jumeaux When the Spanish government wanted to revoke Catalan privileges in order to make them participate financially in the war effort against France, a violent revolt broke out in 1640. This so-called Segadors revolt led Catalonia to place itself under the authority of Louis XIII, who in entrusted the civil and military administration to a viceroy. The Prince de Condé was appointed to this function at the beginning of 1647, replacing the Count of Harcourt, Henri de Lorraine. The latter had failed militarily before Lerida (Lleida) in Spanish hands and was hated by the people.

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