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The month of February. LIMOGES 1560. Enamel plate painted in grisaille on a black background, with salmon, red, and gold highlights. (Slight old restorations, a small hole in the wing) Signed P.R. in one cartouche and in another the date of 1560. From the Monthly Works series, this plate is painted with a background decoration depicting a family meal in front of a burning fireplace, with parents and a young child seated on a tablecloth table, with a dish containing a hare in the centre, two bowls, two loaves of bread, a salt shaker and two knives. The wife presents her husband with a cup. The wing is divided into four, with a cartouche with the zodiac sign of the fishes at noon and a cartouche with the word February at six o'clock. The reverse is decorated in the centre with a medallion representing a woman's bust on a black background stitched with gold, in a border of rolled leather. D.: 17.5 cm. Pierre REYMOND is the best known enameller of this series of plates. - One of the first recorded dates from 1548. But it was around 1560 that he made several services around this theme. - A similar plate from February, kept at the Country Muséum or Arts in Los-Angeles. - Another one at the Limoges museum, same decoration, but for the month of January. - Another from the former collections of Baron Lionel de Rothschild from a complete series of Pierre Reymond's months, dated 1559, was exhibited at the Embden Gallery. Finally, a similar example was included in the exhibition Festin de la Renaissance at the Royal Castle of Blois in 2012. Provenance: Former aristocratic collection from the end of the 19th century.

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