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[BOOK OF HOURS FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE 16th CENTURY]. S.l.n.d. (circa 1500). In-8, brown morocco, straight frame on plates made of multiple fillets and a large gilt roulette wheel with special fleurons, back with 5 ornamented ribs, inner fillets, gilt (Lloyd) slices. Lacombe, 55 /// (120f.). Beautiful Book of Hours printed in Gothic characters, in Latin (except for the last notebook), on parchment - 17.5 x 11 cm. - 26 lines - ruled with red ink. It does not appear in the main bibliographies (Lacombe, Bohatta, Moreau, Brunet, Pellechet) and has no clues as to the bookseller who published it. Only the almanac devoted to the years 1500 to 1521 allows us to affirm that its date of publication is around 1500. A printed sentence, on sheet B8, could have allowed us to know for which city it was composed. But this sentence Hore intermetate Dei genitricis Marie secundum usum is completed by hand with the word Parisian written in brown ink. Our research has led us to compare this book of Hours with another one described by Lacombe as number 55 . Our research has led us to compare this book of Hours with another one described by Lacombe under number 55, Hours for the use of Paris, published around 1497, which he says came out of the presses of Etienne Jehannot. The comparison was fruitful; the copy we present is in all respects similar to the one referenced by the bibliographer. The number of leaves, the distribution of the notebooks, the signatures of the latter, the addition of a small "p" on certain leaves, the number of lines, the printed mentions, everything is exactly the same. Only the Almanac printed on folio A1 relates to the years 1497-1520, while ours has an almanac relating to the years 1500-1521 . These similarities clearly indicate that these Hours are for the use of Paris, that they came from the workshop of Etienne Jehannot and that they were published around 1500. It is very likely that Etienne Jehannot had to reissue unsold copies o

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