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[CUBISM] ROSENBERG, Léonce (1879-1947), gallery owner and art dealer; he was with Kahnweiler the first dealer and defender of Cubism. 2 typewritten letters (one signed, both with additions and autograph corrections). Paris, August 21, 1933. 4 pp. ½ in-4. Very important and fascinating letter entirely devoted to the beginnings of cubism, rehabilitating Clovis Sagot - and not Kahnweiler - as the first gallery owner to take an interest in cubism. "The merchant who first exhibited Cubist paintings - Picasso, Gris, Metzinger, Herbin, Gleizes, etc. - was the first to do so. - was a French dealer: Clovis Sagot, who unfortunately died almost twenty years ago. As he is dead and therefore cannot claim his share of the initiative, those who followed him can claim his share with impunity. The portrait of Clovis Sagot by Picasso - a prismatic period - in Dr Reber's collection predates that of the merchant Kahnweiler by two years. In early 1911, I saw Picasso's "prismatic" works at Uhde and Vollard. Among the professionals, the first to take an interest in Picasso were, in chronological order, Father Tanguy, Clovis Sagot, Berthe Weill, Heidelberg, Vollard and Kahnweiler. As around 1910-1911 the public had not yet "bitten" and as a result the Cubist painters' business was rather bad, Apollinaire and Max Jacob had the idea of recommending, in succession, Picasso, Braque, Gris and Léger to Kahnweiler, who had recently moved to Paris and who, at that time, was dealing with "fashionable" paintings []. I only intervened professionally in favour of Cubism, at the insistence of Picasso and various artists, at the beginning of the war. I accepted the battle because I was convinced that the cause was worth fighting for and I was fully aware that, given the general indifference of the public and the violent hostility of the settled people, Cubism, at that time, without moral or material support, would have lived on. Kahnweiler, on the day of the mobilization, had taken refuge in Swit

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