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CARCO FRANCIS (1886-1958)

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Signed autograph notebook with fourteen drawings or sketches. S.l., [1932], notebook in-16 of 80 pages in ink on paper, black moleskin cover, gold edges. Notebook from his trip to Egypt in 1932, as part of a report on drugs and narcotics; Carco visited Alexandria and Cairo and met his second wife, Eliane Négrin. This notebook, filled with notes taken on the spot and stories, mainly in pencil, was used in the novel Palace Égypte (Albin Michel, 1933), and in the writing of the Heures d'Égypte (Avignon, 1940), a title Carco later used in blue ink at the head of the notebook. Sightings from the boat on the Nile "[...] Pyramids golden background on the pink then orange sand, saffron reflecting the light all is tanned, of an altered harmony of softness". He notes the name of Abbot Drioton, curator of the Cairo museum, details about the Arabs, the dogs and the trees; he observes the conduct of the veiled women in the gardens of the Ezbekieh and in the street; he talks with an archaeologist and writes down Egyptian and European names... Descriptions of monuments, Major Gayer-Anderson's house, a tattoo shop... Echoes of conversations: "At Naila's, all the oriental splendour. The prince and his gambos. Why don't you say so? I know my gams. There's Countess, Marquise and so on... I talk to them. My old man, my dear, I've got the money at Deauville, in a suitcase. Every day I take a bundle. Not good for money. The gulf is very good: the little hotel Normandie. Where to walk the smart guy around Paris? The tiny Bois de Boulogne. Not like a desert. It's boring deserted. Domestics. Always hunting and wysky. At home, radio, fridge and wysky. I don't talk to poor people. No good! Too much misery, always shopping. I hate to buy a hundred hats for two years and she refuses. Impossible to understand. And those guys always with them. Why the Carpentier, he's nothing, not even boxing. Finish. (He laughs loudly) And the dancer why hide the legs. You know such a one? Mo

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