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ROUAULT Georges (1871-1958)

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AUTHORIZED MANUSCRIPT, Sanctification of the Force; 5 and a half pages, large in-folio, with erasures and corrections. "Here comes an artist, he has sacrificed everything for the love of a superior art, he has been understood by only a few and he expects from Time a little justice for so much love". He has always kept himself away from honours, but the German coup de force has converted him, and he goes "valiantly on the roads, at crossroads and in public meetings", sanctifying the Force... And Rouault stigmatizes this cult of strength and success: "Everyone speaks of heroism, progress, transcendent and reborn patriotism, but no one dares to say and really see that we are living in a monstrous era"... A second version, or continuation of the text, calls this character Humilitus: "he saw neither sacrifice nor love for a better or purer humanity". And this race to force, to collective whims, to selfishness leads to catastrophe. "As long as the immortal rush of betterment, not absolutely condemnable in itself but devouring everything with a pig's snout, is not counterbalanced by "an immaterial force" the world will wander more and more...". Provenance Old collection of the abbot MOREL (14 December 2005, n° 119).

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