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FRENCH school around 1640, surrounded...

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FRENCH school around 1640, surrounded by Philippe de CHAMPAIGNE<br/> Portrait of Philippe de Clérambault Count of Palluau<br/> Web<br/> 104.5 x 83.5 cm<br/> <br/> We can relate our painting to the Portrait of Philippe de Clérambault comte de Palluau formerly attributed to Claude Lefebvre from the Versailles museum, on deposit at Les Lucs sur Boulogne, a historic of the Vendée.<br/> <br/> Philippe de Clérambault, Count of Palluau, Baron de Bouin born in 1606 and died on 24 July 1665 in Paris, was a French man of war, Marshal of France, known as the Marshal of Palluau. <br/> Coming from a famous family of the Bas Poitou, he distinguished himself in many battles and was appointed governor of Berry, bailiff of this province, knight of the Holy Spirit on December 31, 1661. <br/> In his Memoirs (1721 - 1723), Saint Simon paints the following portrait of him: "Marshal de Clérambault was a man of quality, a good man of war, and had been a general camp mestre of the cavalry, very fashionable under the name of Count de Palluau, before he took his name when he became Marshal of France. He was a very witty man, ornate, pleasant, pleasant, insinuating and supple, with a lot of merry-go-rounds, always good with ministers, strong at the whim of Cardinal Mazarin, and strong also at the whim of the world and always among the best. »

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