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LA BEAUMELLE, Laurent Angliviel de

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The tolerant Asian. Treatise for the use of Zeokinizul King of the Kofirans, nicknamed the darling. Translated from the Arabic of the traveler Bekrinoll by Mr. de ****. Paris, Durand (Amsterdam, Marc-Michel Rey), (1748). In-12, XXVIII, 145 pp., (4) ff. (Key), tawny calf of the spine, ornate ribbed back, squirrels at corners and back, red t. p. of mar. GAY I, 292. DRUJON I, 91. JONES 97. Original edition. La Beaumelle, then living in Copenhagen, tried to pass off this work as being by Crébillon fils, whose scandalous "Amours de Zéokinizul" had appeared in 1746. It is addressed to King Louis XV, and his treaty is not a light one. It is a bold plea for religious tolerance for Protestants, whose situation in the Cévennes after the signing of the Treaty of Aachen is in danger of becoming critical. The work was condemned to fire in 1751 by the Parliament of Grenoble. (Rel. Continued:) [VOLTAIRE]: Treaty of Tolerance. S. l., 1764. (2) ff. 191 pp. Squirrel struck at the corners and on the internodes, emblem of Fouquet.