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ATLAS - A new French atlas containing France,...

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ATLAS] - A new French atlas containing France, its 12 general governments, the archbishops, the number of parishes in each diocese, their income, their distance from Paris, the extent of the Parliaments, the generalities and vniversities of the kingdom: a very useful work for those who are the only ones to learn in geography: dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi.A.S. Monseigneur le comte Toulouse duc Damville de Penthieure de Chasteauvillain et de Rambouillet, admiral grand veneur and peer of France, &c. Paris, Jacques Chiquet, 1719. In-8 oblong, br., shell paper mod. Engraved title, 15 cards with coloured outlines, 3 sheets of engraved text. (Rel. à la suite:) Les Veritables Portraits des roys de France... Paris, widow Chiquet, 1724. Title and 6 pl. grav.