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Ernest Bussière (1862-1913) & Louis Majorelle...

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Plant broc Art Nouveau Ceramic with glass skin This brooch is one of 29 so-called vegetal ceramics in the exhibition bearing the double signature of Keller et Guérin Lunéville and Bussière. However, on this one we find the signature KG Lunéville Majorelle (Majorelle took over and put his name on Bussière pieces he offered for sale). Like the others, it is part of an ensemble dominated by the organic plasticity of plant forms with a matt, shiny glass skin, the know-how of which has been lost. Ernest Bussière was a sculptor who worked on major monuments in several cities. This work as a ceramist is a parenthesis in his work as a sculptor. These pieces are presented in numerous museums, including : Musée de l'École de Nancy Lunéville Museum The Ariana Museum in Geneva...etc.

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