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Georges Oudot (1928-2004) Rare direct-cut sculpture...

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Georges Oudot (1928-2004) Rare direct-cut sculpture on black fossil marble. Stone base. Artist's signature. Circa 1950-1960 Dim. H: 70 cm with base and 63 cm without base Wikipedia biography: After studying at the École des Beaux Arts in Besançon, he entered the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1946, where he was a pupil of Marcel Gimond and Alfred Janniot. He then returned to Besançon, where he set up his studio. He is considered one of the most significant exponents of contemporary figurative sculpture. He is also the author of numerous engravings and lithographs, as well as several medals. His many portraits include those of Pierre Mendès France, Edgar Faure (whose academician's sword he created), Juliette Greco, Madame Pompidou, Léon Bourgeois and Princess Grâce of Monaco. His works are exhibited in some twenty museums, including the Paris Museum of Modern Art, Marseille, Strasbourg, Besançon, Belfort... and all over the world: Lausanne, Vatican, Erlangen, Freiburg, Monaco, Skopje, Teheran... He is a knight of the Legion of Honor, the National Order of Merit and the Order of Arts and Letters. Georges Oudot has received numerous awards, including the Prix Fénéon for sculpture, the Prix National des Arts, the Prix de la Jeune Sculpture, the Prix Modigliani for drawing, the Prix Biennale for sculpture, and the Prix de la Critique jury's tribute to his body of work. Georges Oudot was Edgar Faure's cultural advisor when he was President of the Franche-Comté Region. He took part in the creation of the CRDC, a regional cultural center, of which he was president for many years. He created the Besançon biennial art festival and set up the first FRAC management committee, made up of artists and craftsmen. He left office abruptly, without laying the foundations for a sound art acquisition policy. Some of his works were sold at auction in 20161. Jura-born Pierre Duc was his pupil.

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