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Annette Jalilova (née en 1946) & DAUM France (éditeur...

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"Eôs" Two-part sculpture in mauve-purple pâte de verre, featuring a languid female figure. 2002 Signed and numbered 194 /350. Length 60 cm. Sold with box and certificate of origin. Author of a first sculpture entitled "L'Inséparable" in 2001, sculptor Annette Jalilova takes up on a larger scale in "Eôs" her essential theme, the human figure stylized by a simplification of lines and volumes. Under the tutelary shadow of the great Henry Moore, she presents elongated bodies, split into several independent but interdependent elements. The Greek goddess of dawn "with fingers of rose" sung by Homer, daughter of Helios and Selene, the sun and the moon, Eôs awakens in a light that rises from her full forms and draws her calm, delicate lines. Jalilova's serene sculpture reclaims the heritage of Greek classicism, a source of balance, grace and harmony.

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