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Ecole Boulle - André Fréchet

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Presented at the Exposition Coloniale in Paris in 1931. An exceptional piece of furniture in Madagascar rosewood and precious woods, entirely designed according to the golden ratio by A. Fréchet (1874-1967), decorator and director of the Ecole Boulle from 1919 to 1934. Made in the Ecole Boulle workshops in 1930-31. Marked and dated E. B. (for École BOULLE) 1931 in the upper part of the central sculpture, numbered 17 - 30 (or date of production) on the back. H. 185 cm - W. 130 cm - D. 46 cm History : This piece of furniture was part of a suite of four identical display cases, with only the central carved motifs showing slight variations, designed by André Fréchet for the Exposition Coloniale of 1931. Related bibliography - La Renaissance (de l'Art Français et des Industries de Luxe) - August 1931. An article by Arsène Alexandre, entitled Les travaux de l'École Boulle, describes the presence of this prestigious educational establishment at the 1931 Exposition Coloniale on page 6.

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