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Naturalist Scarab (Bubas Bubalis) - Egypt : Ptolemaic...

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Naturalist Scarab (Bubas Bubalis) - Egypt : Ptolemaic Period ca. 323-30 B.C. - Silver - Length : 8,4 cm , Width : 4,8 cm , Height : 3,7 cm VERY RARE SCARABEE, probably a heart scarab ornament. It is of the Bubas bubalus type, the anatomical details are very finely rendered: the head is flanked by the flats and the clypeus; the prothorax is separated from the elytra by a double groove; the elytra are very finely engraved with long incisions. The openwork legs rest on an oval base with a circle at each end (probably intended for the attachment of a heart beetle). Provenance : Private collection J. D. Paris 1970 Certificate Art Loss Register - Passport of free circulation

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