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Bunch of grapes from a wall decoration - Egypt...

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Bunch of grapes from a wall decoration - Egypt : New Kingdom Amarna Period End of 18th dynasty ca. 1353-1336 B.C. - Intense Royal Blue earthenware - Height : 5,6 cm, Width : 4,1 cm, Thickness : 1,5 cm - The general shape and the grainy aspect of this object reflect a classical bunch of grapes. The color chosen by the craftsman, a rather strong blue, gives us to think that he wanted to represent here a variety of black grape. The object is pierced at the top in order to be fixed more securely in the masonry of the wall that it was intended to decorate. On its back side, the grayish siliceous paste with which it was made is visible. Provenance: Gilgamesh Gallery Paris 2014 Collection Doctor S.K Mandelieu 1980 Certificate Art Loss Register - Passport of free circulation

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