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Paul César Helleu

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Original drawing - Art Nouveau Charcoal, white chalk and red chalk Date: circa 1900 Dimensions (in cm): height: 74, width: 56 Condition: perfect Inventory number : 491 Paul-César Helleu was a French painter and engraver, born in Vannes on December 17, 1859, and died in Paris (7th arrondissement) on March 23, 1927. In 1876, he was admitted to Jean-Léon Gérôme's studio at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, but it was the plein-air painters who attracted him most. He befriended Whistler and Sargent, then Claude Monet, whom he met at Durand-Ruel's second Impressionist exhibition. To survive, Helleu works for the ceramist Théodore Deck, for whom he creates decorations for dishes. It was there that he met Giovanni Boldini, with whom he would form a very long friendship. In 1886, having already made a name for himself at several exhibitions, he and his friend Monet refused to take part in the eighth Salon des impressionnistes, despite Edgar Degas' requests. By 1894, Paul Helleu was in the midst of a triumphant career, and the "Helleu style", characterized by elegance, refinement and feminine grace, was a huge success in Paris, London and New York, where he moved in 1902. In 1912, he was commissioned to decorate the ceiling of the Grand Central Terminal in New York, on the theme of the signs of the Zodiac: a starry vault, crossed by a zodiac with golden signs and a silver Milky Way. Publications : Catalog raisonné of the artist, produced by the Association des Amis de Paul-César Helleu, reference APCH DE1 8433.

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