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Pierre Adrien Dalpayrat

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Fountain Venus and Cupid - Art Nouveau ceramics Pierre Adrien Dalpayrat (1844 - 1910) Exceptional and very rare fountain and its basin in shaded beige and red "sang de boeuf" glazed stoneware. The only known example. The body of the fountain features a shell in the water, from which a fish is emerging as a tap. It is surmounted by a naiad and a putto forming a lid and the basin forms a stoup, including shell and crab Signed "F. Faivre". Date : 1897 Dimensions: Height: 80 cm, length: 36 cm, depth: 22 cm Condition : Good Provenance : Collection, from 1901 to 1928, of Senator Paulin Daudé, remained in the collection for over 100 years. Bibliography: "Art et Décoration février 1897 n°2", model reproduced on page 30. Written in the text: in 1897 in Passons de chez Bodinier in the studio of ceramist Dalpayrat: "How do you like this fountain he modeled? Isn't it very French? But all that, my good friend, is nothing compared to the dazzling colors that the caprice of fire has sown in spots of crimson or ruby, in tears of turquoise, in flows of sapphire on its sides. Congratulate the artist and let's move on." And also: in The Paris Salons volume IV céramique et glass 1998 page 100 Also: in Adrien Dalpayrat, French Art Nouveau ceramist. Arnoldsche Publication, page 50. Ferdinand Faivre (1860 - 1937), model for decorative art objects, including an interior fountain in stoneware by Adrien Dalpayrat. Connaissance des arts, April 2023, page 101 "l'oeuvre du mois".

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