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Louis Süe (1875-1968) Magnificent and rare display...

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Louis Süe (1875-1968) Magnificent and rare display case in 1948 by the designer Louis Sue. We find a similar work of the windows created for the salons of Guillaume hairdressers, avenue Matignon in 1948. Width: 104 cm Height: 169 cm Depth: 28 cm Bibliography: Decorators of the 1940s - Bruno Foucart and Jean-Louis Gaillemin - Norma editions page 282 SÜE Louis 1875-1968: Painter, architect and interior designer but also creator of furniture with André MARE with whom he founded the Compagnie des Arts français. He frequented the Closerie des Lilas and knew Claude Debussy, Paul Fort, Gide, Pierre Louÿs, Moréas... from Paris, to the Basque Country, Touraine, Provence, the East, the North and Turkey where he taught at the Academy of Fine Arts from 1939 to 1944, he built villas, palaces, hotels, factories and workers' housing. He participated in the design of the liners Paris, Normandie, Ile de France. We also owe him the Cenotaph under the Arc de Triomphe (1919). He decorated a number of public buildings such as the Palais de Chaillot, and created sets for the French Theatre, the Paris Opera and the Grand-Théâtre de Bordeaux. A complete artist, influenced by the impressionism of Renoir in particular, by fauvism and cubism, his palette is shimmering. Exhibitions from 1901 at the Indépendants and the Salon d'Automne with Matisse, de Laprade and Marquet...

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