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Robert Couturier (1905-2008) & DAUM France (éditeur...

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Sculpture in pâte de verre n°33/150. Signed by both H. 50 cm. Daum, the legendary master glassmaker, has maintained a loving relationship with the greatest artists of its time for over a century, giving their works a second life in crystal and color. From the Ecole de Nancy to Art Nouveau and the Decorative Arts, from Majorelle to Dali, Arman and Hilton McConnico, Daum has never missed a magical encounter between artistic creation and modern savoir-faire, the ever-renewed marriage of art and craftsmanship. Few brands have worked with so many artists: in almost 140 years, more than 350 exceptional signatures constitute an incomparable heritage, a unique collection. How to translate these works into crystal sculptures? Therein lies the secret of Daum, a manufacturer of the exceptional, a highly learned workshop, a laboratory of marvels, a couturier of unparalleled objects.

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