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Tomas Lacque

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"Untitled 130 x 97 cm Acrylic and aerosol on linen. Free chromium, colored saturation and straight lines 2022 TOMAS LACQUE, lives and works in BORDEAUX. In 1998, he started graffiti, without any specific goal, guided by a desire that will quickly become a passion. D t first attracted by the letter, he will turn little by little to the abstraction. Working tirelessly to unlearn and deconstruct the codes of his initial discipline, he now nourishes an abstract, post-graffiti work based on a spontaneous composition of color, contrast and forms having for common base the gesture and the moment. For Tomas Lacque, energy and line represent the very essence of graffiti and are therefore essential components of his work. Having a horizontal horizontal vision of art, his practice is located between urban and contemporary.

Galerie Magnetic
1, place Avisseau
33000 Bordeaux
Tel. +33 (0)7 44 82 59 54