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Auction 04 April 2019 19 • Histoire • Grandes figures historiques par AGUTTES - Paris

Bid on the lot list Aguttes : 04 April 2019 - Purchased lots will become available only after full payment has been made. The<br />sale will be conducted in Euros. In addition to the hammer price, the buyer agrees<br />to pay a buyer’s premium along with any applicable value added tax.<br />The buyer ’ s premi um is 25 % + VAT amount ing to<br />30 % (all taxes included) for all bids. Books (25% + VAT amounting to 26,375%).<br />NB:<br />+ Auction by order of the court further to a prescription of the court, buyers<br />fees 14,40% VTA included. Books (12,66% VTA included).<br />° Lots on which the auction house or its partners have a financial interest<br />* Lots in temporary importation and subject to a 5,5 % fee in addition to the<br />regular buyer’s fees stated earlier..<br /># An appointment is required to see the piece<br />~ This lot contains animal materials. Import restrictions are to be expected<br />and must be considered.<br />The legislator imposes strict rules for the commercial use of inert animal species.<br />The international regulations of March 3, 1973 (CITES) requires for different annexes<br />a correlation between the specimen and the documentation proving the origins to<br />be lawful. This regulation transcribed in European Community law (Annexes A/B/C)<br />in Rule 338/97 of 9/12/1996 permits commercial use of regulated specimens (CITES)<br />upon presentation of documentation proving lawful origin; these documents for<br />this variation are as follows:<br />• For Annex A: C/C provided outlining the specimen’s history (for specimens of<br />recent date)<br />• For Annex B: Bird specimens are either banded or equipped with transponders,<br />and are accompanied by documents of licit origin. The auction’s sale record must<br />be conserved as it contains the complete history of every specimen.<br />All cases concerning specimens of recent date that are protected under the French<br />Environmental Code and which were born and raised in captivity are permitted by<br />the derogation clause AM of 14/07/2006. As such, they can be used commercially<br />provided traceability between the specimen and the documentation proving licit<br />origins. Other specimen cases dating prior to clause AM of 21/07/2015 can, due<br />to this fact, be used commercially. Specimens dating before 1947 included in this<br />auction sale benefit from clause 2M of the derogatory Rule 228/97 of 9/12/1996,<br />permitting their use for trade. However, exporting them outside of the EU them<br />requires a pre-CITES Convention agreement.<br />For huntable species of the European continent and elsewhere, commercial use is<br />allowed under certain conditions. Domesticated species (D) included in this auction<br />sale are free for trade. Old specimens from before the Convention (i.e. before 1975)<br />comply with the conditions of the AM of 23/12/2011 and, as such, are free for trade.<br />The other specimens in this auction sale are not subject to NR regulations and<br />are free for commercial use and trade. The auction record will substantiate their<br />licit origin.<br />To leave the EU, with regards to the Annexes I/A, II/B et III/C, a CITES re-export<br />document at the expense of the acquirer will be necessary.<br />GUARANTEES<br />The SAS Claude Aguttes is bound by the indications stated in the catalogue,<br />modified only by announcements made at the time of the sale noted in the legal<br />records thereof.<br />Attributions were made according to scientific and artistic knowledge at the time<br />of the auction.<br />An exhibition prior to the sale permits buyers to establish the conditions of the<br />works offered for sale and no claims will be<br />accepted after the hammer has fallen. Some difference may appear between<br />the original work and its illustration, there will be no claims in such matter. The<br />dimensions are given only as an indication.<br />The condition of the works is not specified in the catalogue, buyers are required<br />to study them Salle 6 - Hôtel Drouot - Paris

19 • Histoire • Grandes figures historiques par AGUTTES

Thursday 04 April 2019 - 16:30 (CEST) - Live
Salle 6 - Hôtel Drouot - 75009 Paris
Aguttes, Les Collections Aristophil
<b>19 • Histoire • Grandes figures historiques </b>par AGUTTES
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