Violin Virtuoso Anne-Sophie Mutter is Fond of Contemporary Art

On 16 December 2020, by La Gazette Drouot

Anne-Sophie Mutter may have achieved global success in the world of classical music, but the German violinist is certainly no stranger to contemporary creation. Her favorite artists? El Anatsui and Ai Weiwei.


What do you like most: painting, objects, photography?
I like painting and sculpture, and right now I’m trying to learn more about photography.

An artist or work that has caught your eye recently?
El Anatsui. I really love the way this great artist shows his way, which is so singular. He’s one of a kind.

A work you'd like to own?
Anything by Monet, Klee… and Brancusi.

The artist who moves you most?
Ai Weiwei. His work is about real events. In a way, it depicts a sort of collective memory of human folly. He makes us look around us and feel the pain of the other. That’s the only way, by joining our efforts, we can hope to start healing the world.

Do you prefer the FIAC or Biennale Paris?

Is there a guiding theme behind your acquisitions?
I buy what I can afford and can’t do without!

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