In Search of Lost Works by Alberto Giacometti

On 28 May 2020, by Baptiste Roelly

Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966), Oiseau Silence au VIe Salon des Surinde?pendants (Silence Bird at the 6th Salon des Surindépendants), published in VU magazine, November 1933, Fondation Giacometti, Paris

This show aims to resuscitate works by Alberto Giacometti that have been lost or destroyed through carelessness or by the artist himself. The focus is on pieces that, although they have vanished, are nonetheless viewable. Photographs or drawings are cross-referenced with information from the artist's notes or correspondence. In three cases, 3D technology has made it possible to reconstruct sculptures of which only photographs remain. The exhibition shows what Giacometti did not want to leave to posterity, such as a figure brandishing a flag, featured in sketches and for which Giacometti modelled in plaster. His fleeting interest in militant art espousing the communist cause in the mid-1930s resulted in its disappearance; he preferred to pursue a truth that was beyond anecdotal evidence. Concerned with building a coherent, demanding body of work, Giacometti also abandoned projects along the way. An example is the sketch of a strange feline that he made based on Delacroix. Here too, a photograph shows that he worked the idea through to plaster modelling. But the project, too atypical and out of step with what he was exhibiting at the time, remained unfinished and Giacometti never mentioned it.

Institut Giacometti,
5, rue Victor Schoelcher, Paris 14e, tél. : 01 44 54 52 44.
until June 21, 2020.
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