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Drouot in 2021: Opening Up and Online

Published on , by Vanessa Schmitz-Grucker

The total revenue generated by all services offered by the Drouot Group in 2021 comes to €523 M, including physical sales on-site and online sales.

© Drouot Drouot in 2021: Opening Up and Online
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Drouot is a major historical auction venue with an average of some 3,000 buyers per day. This year, Drouot welcomed nine new auction houses by abolishing the rule requiring the ownership of shares in order to operate in the Hôtel. The 734 auctions staged by the 62 auction houses totaled €333 M in 2021. But the most remarkable progress was in online transactions. The accelerated digitization of various auctions led to a 211% increase in the number of online-only sales; in 2019, 98 online-only sales were held, compared with 305 in 2021. The average revenue from these online events went up by 28%, while income from physical sales increased (on average per sale) by 19% compared with 2019. However, the success of digital technology did not overshadow the enthusiasm of buyers, collectors and art lovers for in-person sales and, above all, the associated exhibitions: these were prolonged from one to two days in 2021., which was consolidated into one website in November, has seen significant growth. 5,542 live and online sales were held in 2021: an increase of 51% compared with 2020. In these 5,542 sales, 788 auction houses from 30 countries placed over 1.7 million objets d’art and collectibles on the auction block. Foreign buyers bought 30% of the lots sold Live and online: a figure up by 11% compared with 2020, and a significant increase that consolidates's position as the leading continental European auction house for objets d’art and collectibles.

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