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Carolyn Carlson is Moved by Rothko and Magritte

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The choreographer of Signs and Blue Lady, recipient of the Golden Lion at the Venice Dance Biennale in 2006, has always written, painted and drawn.

  Carolyn Carlson is Moved by Rothko and Magritte

What do you like most: painting, objects, photography?
I am open to all forms of art, as long as they enrich my imagination and change my way of seeing things. Is that not what you can expect of art?

An artist or work that has caught your eye recently?
Crystal Pite’s The Seasons’ Canon, at the Paris Opera – visually dazzling and incredibly innovative from a choreographic point of view.

A work you'd like to own?
It’s less the fact of owning a work that interests me, than the inspiration it gives me.

The artist who moves you most?
Mark Rothko for his audacious simplicity, Magritte for his art of the absurd, Nicolas de Staël for the dreamlike dimension of his work, and of course Japanese and Chinese calligraphy, capable of revealing hidden beauties of nature such as a stone found by the side of the road.

Do you prefer the FIAC or Biennale Paris?
Neither of the two! Given my history and background, the Venice Biennale would be more to my taste.

Is there a guiding theme behind your acquisitions?
I have acquired very little, though I am of course attached to the works that other artists, such as Olivier Debré, have given me. Though they are exhibited, I sell very few of my own drawings – I prefer to give them away…

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