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"Bishop". Imposing sculpted and polychromed stone figure with precious stones. Possibly from France. Gothic. 14th – 15th century. The bishop, in a frontal position, holds his crosier in his left hand and the book of the Holy Scriptures in the right. He wears a large tunic which falls, forming Gothic folds, and a pectoral cross which, like his mitre, is embellished with turquoises and other precious stones. He has a large collar decorated with three-lobed leaves. The work of the Master sculptor is outstanding, giving the bishop´s face great expressivity, conveying the advanced age of the character with a wrinkled forehead and the appropriate skin tone for his age. The polychrome on the cloak may possibly have been refreshed. The upper part of the crosier is a later repair. 105 x 39 x 29 cm
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