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VISITOR'S BOOK: A 4to hardback...

Résultat : Non Communiqué
Estimation : Réservé aux abonnés

VISITOR'S BOOK: A 4to hardback bound Livre D'or visitor's book containing over 110 signatures by a variety of famous individuals, many of them French actors and entertainers, and all of them guests at the restaurant of Jean Cassini in Avignon, including Paul Meurisse (1912-1979, French actor), Marie Bell (1900-1985, French tragedian, comic actor), Annie Girardot (1931-2011, French actress), Andre Luguet (1892-1979, French actor), Micheline Dax (1924-2014, French actress and singer), Dany Robin (1927-1995, French actress), Gilbert Becaud (1927-2001, French singer, composer, pianist & actor), Jean-Claude Pascal (1927-1992, French comedian and singer), Yves Vincent (1921-2016, French actor), Jean Desailly (1920-2008, French actor), Jacques Francois (1920-2003, French actor), Luis Mariano (1914-1970, Spanish tenor), Jacqueline Brumaire (1921-2000, French soprano; A.M.Q.S. from Cosi fan tutte, the opera buffa by Mozart in which she made her debut performance at Teatro alla Scala), Georges Sebastian (1903-1989, French conductor), Georges Moustaki (1934-2013, Egyptian-French singer & songwriter), Raymond Pellegrin (1925-2007, French actor), Gisele Pascal (1921-2007, French actress and the lover of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, before her marriage to Pellegrin), Roger Pierre (1923-2010, French comedian & actor), Gloria Lasso (1922-2005, Spanish singer), Robert Lamoureux (1920-2011, French actor & film director), Evelyne Dandry (1939- , French actress), Lila Kedrova (1909-2000, Russian-born French actress, Academy Award winner), Lucia Bose (1931-2020, Italian actress), Philippe Clay (1927-2007, French mime artist, singer & actor), Max Favalelli (1905-1989, French journalist and game show host; the page also signed by his daughter Agnes), Francoise Arnoul (1931-2021, French actress), Giuseppe Campora (1923-2004, Italian tenor), Tino Rossi (1907-1983, French singer & actor), Sacha Distel (1933-2004, French singer, guitarist & actor; with a sketch of a guitar in his hand beneath his signature), Colette Ripert (1930-1999, French actress), Eddie Constantine (1917-1993, American-born French actor & singer), Maria Pacome (1923-2018, French actress & playwright), Edwige Feuillere (1907-1998, French actress), Pierre Dux (1908-1990, French actor), Louis Jourdan (1921-2015, French actor), Henri Tisot (1937-2011, French actor, writer & humorist), Christian Ferras (1933-1982, French violinist), Petula Clark (1932- , British singer & actress), Sacha Pitoeff (1920-1990, Swiss actor), Romy Schneider (1938-1982, German-French actress), Guy Lux (1919-2003, French game show host), Jean Boutiere (1898-1967, French philologist), Tony Curtis (1925-2010, American actor; two entries, the first stating 'It's been a great pleasure for me to sign your most beautiful book, Tony Curtis, Late Summer 65', and the second, 'Here I am again, thanks, Tony Curtis, 1970'), Trevor Howard (1913-1988, English actor; dated on his birthday, 29th September 1965), Trini Lopez (1937-2020, American singer, guitarist & actor), Rosanna Schiaffino (1939-2009, Italian actress), James Baldwin (1924-1987, American novelist, playwright & poet), Emile Griffith (1938-2013, American boxer, World Champion in the welterweight and middleweight classes), Jean-Louis Trintignant (1930- , French actor), Serge Reggiani (1922-2004, Italian-French actor & singer), Stirling Moss (1929-2020, British Formula One motor racing driver), Jacques Dutronc (1943- , French singer & songwriter), Nino Benvenuti (1938- , Italian Welterweight boxer, Olympic Gold medallist), Michel Jazy (1936- , French middle and long-distance runner, Olympic Silver medallist) and others. Most of the entries date from the 1950s and 1960s. The majority of the pages are multiple signed, have signatures to the recto and verso, and most of the signatories have added inscriptions or sentiments in their hands, some also adding small drawings. Half morocco bound in blue and with marbled paper wrappers (some age wear) and with Cassini's ownership in stamps to the fly leaf. Some pages loose, otherwise generally VG Jean Cassini - renowned French restaurateur in Avignon, both at the Hotel d'Europe and his own establishment, Restaurant Cassini.

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