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Interior Design/Fossils: A rare Caturus Furcatus fossil fish, Painten, Germany, Lower Jurassic, 54cm across, The fossils from Painten near Nuremburg are very special for a number of reasons. First, they often occur in a most beautiful state of preservation. Second, the quarry in which they are found is just a few miles from the world famous site at Solnhofen, but the actual fossils come from deposits that are around 500,000 years older. This means that many of them are very similar to those from Solnhofen, but they often have slight, but intriguing, differences. Millions of years ago the actual site at Painten seems to have been a lagoon and it was situated very close to an island. The result of this close proximity to land means that there is a very terrestrial influence among the fossils that are found, as well as there also being an abundance of marine creatures. The site therefore provides an invaluable insight into life in the sea as well as life on land in those long gone days. The third reason for the special nature of these fossils is the pure white of the limestone and it’s higher than usual silica content. This, together with high organic content, results in strong contrast with the deep colouring of the fossils.
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