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Interior Design/Fossils: A Mene Rhombea fossil fish plaque, Monte Bolca, Italy, Eocene period, 45cm, The fish:, Mene Rhombea Fossil Fish, Monte Bolca, Italy., Monte Bolca is possibly the oldest worked fossil site in the world. Crusaders considered the fossils remains of the Last Supper. Emperors, kings and nobility made collections of them. The site has been in the possession of the same family for 400 years., The fossils are 49 million years old (Eocene period) from what was a tropical lagoon. They consist of a large variety of fish, as well as cephalopods, shells, insects and plants. The site is designated a Lagerstatte, referring to the unusually fine state of preservation of the fossils, including skin colour and internal organs. The fossils are collected by boring tunnels deep into the hillside. Due to government restrictions fossil extraction has been spasmodic for most of the last century. No fossils have been dug in the 21st century., Mene Rhombea is the best known and most iconic fossil from Monte Bolca. They rarely come to market these days. This fine example has been in the possession of the same Italian family since the 1930s.
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