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A massive Gibeon meteorite piece, Namibia, in custom steel frame, 46cm by 32cm by 22cm, 63kg, The Gibeon meteorite was a large nickel iron meteorite that fell over Namibia in prehistoric times. The indigenous Nama people used pieces that they found to make tools. The first European to come across pieces was a Captain Alexander in 1836 and he sent samples to London which were analysed by John Herschel who could confirm their extra-terrestrial origin. Pieces are found over a large area of some 275km by 100km and rightly their removal and export was banned. The largest pieces found, up to 500kg, have been incorporated into a fountain in the capital, Windhoek and are a designated National monument. They were found near the village of Gibeon leading to the naming of the meteorite after that place., The nature of this meteorite is a fine octahedrite, mainly being iron and nickel but with significant amounts of phosphorous and cobalt. Its crystal structure gives rise to particularly clear Widmanstatten patterns making it one of the most desirable of meteorites.
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