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A lot of Chinese enamelled bow…

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Comprising: a large bowl decorated with four dragons to the interior and exterior, the rim encircled with a honeycomb band interspersed with bird and flower cartouches; a small bowl decorated with goldfish, peppers, and auspicious attributes; a small dish decorated with fish and other sea creatures; and a plate decorated with four goldfish and a shrimp.

-The bowl, cover, and saucer are each decorated and gilt with sinuous four-clawed dragons chasing the flaming pearl amongst dense cloud scrolls. The interior of the handle of the cover with a four character 'wan wu xian cheng' mark in iron red, the other two pieces are unmarked. The bowl: 5.7 cm. high 11 cm. diam.The cover: 3.5 cm. high x 10.3 cm. diam.The saucer: 3.5 cm. high x 15.5 cm. diam

The large bowl: 10 cm. high x 25 cm. diam.
The small bowl: 6 cm. high x 10 cm. diam.
The sea creatures dish: 2.8 cm. high x 14.2 cm. diam.
The ‘goldfish’ plate: 2.7 cm. high x 21.3 cm. diam.

Origin: China

Period: 19th century

Sizes: 10.00 cm. H x 25.00 cm. diameter
3.94 in. H x 9.84 in. diameter

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