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Four Chinese snuff bottles

Résultat : Non Communiqué
The group comprises a rock crystal snuff bottle decorated with two fixed-ring Buddhist lion head handles, a moss agate pebble snuff bottle; an iron-red decorated snuff bottle, enamelled with twin dragon roundels above waves, and a lappet band at the rim, with an apocryphal Kangxi four character mark to the base; and a two tone yixing rounded bottle decorated with landscape, bearing an apocryphal Qianlong two character stamped mark to the base.

The rock crystal snuff bottle: 9.2 cm. high including gilt metal mount and cover
The moss agate pebble: 5 cm. high
The ‘dragon’ bottle: 6.2 cm. high
The yixing bottle:4.8 cm. high

Origin: China

Period: 19th-20th century

Sizes: 9.30 cm. H
3.66 in. H

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