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(AUCTION/SALE) CATALOGUES -- BIBLIOTHECA REUVENSIANA. Descr. atque ed. C. Leemans. Praef. ed. epistola de vita Reuvensii. Leiden, S. & J. Luchtmans and C.C. v.d. Hoek, 1838. (6), lxxv, (7), 408, (2) pp. W. lithogr. portr.-vign. on ti.-p. Old marbled brds. -- Added: CATALOGUE DE LA BIBLIOTHÈQUE de Matheus Lestevenon, seigneur de Berkenroode et Streyen. La Haye, Detune, 1798. xvi, 525 pp. Cont. limp brds., uncut. -- LES COLLECTIONS VAN DER STRAELEN, MOONS, VAN LERIUS a Anvers. Catalogue de la bibliothèque. Anvers, (1884-85). 5 parts in 2 vols. xix, 270; 269; 394; 243; 148 pp. 4°. Cont. hcl. and owrps. -- (4). Ad 1: The auction of this highly important library took 13 days, from 8 to 20 October 1838. The catalogue includes books and pamphlets on law, theology, philology, geography, science and archaeology, as well as 79 manuscripts. Reuvens was the first director of the Museum of Antiquities in Leiden and the first person in the world to be appointed professor of archaeology. Ad 2: The library of an interesting and wealthy (!) owner; sold in auction 1 year after his death. Ad 3: Impressive sales catalogue, containing more than 8,300 entries.
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