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FREUD (Lucian). 3 missives, soit 2 autographes signées « dad » et une autographe, adressées à sa fille Annabel. 1974-1976. Enveloppes conservées. – Londres (d'après le cachet postal), 15 juin 1974 : « DEAREST ANNA, I AM REALLY SORRY, BUT I CAN'T COME TO YOUR WEDDING. I don't know if you've seen the cards but Wynne has made it terribly clear that he does not want me there and in a way I quite see his point of view. He does teach at Kings College and has arranged the whole thing and no doubt his friends and fellows will be there and I would be rather an outsider and so I had better stay outside. It does not really matter very much because you know I really love you and wish you well and I don't believe that "marriages are made in heaven" (as the saying goes) though I hope yours will be a long and happy one. My only worry is that you will mind my not coming, so please understand and do not fret, kidlet. I would love to take 42 / OSENAT / you both out and give you a slight wedding feast in London when ever you like and presents galore, so do understand and excuse me and realise that it's no lack of concern but only that my presence, having been omitted from its proper place on the invitation, would put me in a false situation, were I to come. Please, explain to Nicholas. It was lovely seing you on thursday, looking really beautiful and healthy. Best love. Dad. » (4 pp. 1/2 in-12). Traduction : « TRÈS CHÈRE ANNA, JE SUIS VRAIMENT DÉSOLÉ, MAIS JE NE PEUX PAS VENIR À TON MARIAGE. Je ne sais pas si tu as vu les cartes, mais Wynne signifié terriblement clairement qu'il n'y veut pas de moi et en un sens je vois assez bien son point de vue. Il enseigne à King's College et a tout arrangé et sans doute que ses amis et collègues y seront et je serais plutôt un intrus et alors il vaut mieux que je reste en dehors. Cela n'a pas grande importance parce que tu sais que je t'aime vraiment et te souhaite tout le bien, et que je ne crois pas que les "mariages se font au Ciel" (com
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