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Emile Galle, Nancy, Vase 'Plumes…

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Emile Galle, Nancy, Vase 'Plumes de Paon', 1884, In club shape. H. 31.3 cm. Smoke brown glass, wall with five-rowed applied nodes, the lowest row on the inner wall. Deep-cut stylized peacock feather decor. Border and above the base edge with polychrome relief enamel and gold painting, stylized peacock feathers, golden banner at the lip: 'JE SUIS FIER DE MES COULEURS'. Signed and dated: Emile Galle de Nancy inv. et fec. 1884 EC, Lorraine Cross (engraved)., Unique Galle vase with a rare pattern of peacock feathers.

'Plumes de Paon‘ vase is characteristic for Galle's early production. The clear, studded glass constitutes a perfect background for the enamel applied onto the surface of the vase, which together with the engravings creates a multi-dimensional image.

The inscription in French, on the upper part of the vase, suggests the symbolic nature of this work and refers to Galle's concept of 'verreries parlantes' (speaking glassware) and his inspiration with literature. The golden ornamentations, along with the asymmetric lines of the pattern, refer to the oriental influences, often visible in the early works of Galle.

For form and technique, cf.:

Exhib. Emile Galle et le verre, in the Collection of the Musee de l' Ecole de Nancy, 2004, p. 102, no. 130.

Tiny Esveld, Art signed Galle. A practical guide, 2013...
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