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Daum Freres, Nancy, Rare Vase 'La…

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Daum Freres, Nancy, Rare Vase 'La Coloquinte', c. 1910, In the form of a decorative pumpkin. H. 30 cm. Cased glass, clear with yellow and red powder inclusions; Surface with partly plastic powder fusions (Vitrifications) in red, yellow and green. A plastically formed stem in green glass that has been pulled far over the wall. Signed on the wall: DAUM NANCY, Lorraine Cross (engraved)., Important and rare sculptural work by the Daum brothers in the Impressionistic style. Naturalistic character, ornamentations and the sculptural, three-dimensional style are typical for the works by Daum. 

'La Coloquinte' vase is characterised by a rich and vibrant colouring, grainy texture and an alternation of matt and glossy applications to the surface, which were obtained by using the vitrification technique. Harmonically matching tones, shading and reflexes result in a chromatic symphony, further emphasised by the enamels applied.

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