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Daum Freres, Nancy, Covered box…

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Daum Freres, Nancy, Covered box 'Epine vinette', 1910, H. 8,7 cm, D. 17 cm. Cased glass, clear and dark green, with yellow, orange and reddish-brown powder inclusions. Etched decoration in multiple passes, motif with branches of barberry, the leaves reworked with the wheel, the fruits as partial applications, so-called 'Plaquettes'. Signed: DAUM NANCY, Lorraine Cross, Nancy (engraved)., Cf. Cat. Collection Daum Nancy, Tokyo 1987, No. 93; Cat. Collection Daum, Paris 2004, No. 124 and 125 Vases with the same decor, dated 1913.
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