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Daum Freres, Nancy , Intercalaire-vase…

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Daum Freres, Nancy , Intercalaire-vase 'Narcisses dans le brouillard', c. 1900, H. 25.2 cm. Design: Henri Berge. Clear glass, milky yellowish and clear, lower part green, above, purple and yellowish powder inclusions, fine enamel painting between layers, so-called 'Verrerie de grand feu sous couverte', circulating motif with blooming daffodils in the fog. Faint inscription: 'NIN ... 1927 (PA) RIS'., The watercolour painting by Henri Berge at the Musee de l'Ecole de Nancy: Buttiker, Daum Nancy, Zurich 2000, p. 124 and Dust jacket: At the Paris World's Fair in 1900, Daum presented a small number of 'Intercalaires' vases contemporary photographs (one reproduced by: Daum Collection of the Musee des Beaux-Arts de Nancy, p. 209), the company archive contains a sample drawing around 1901 (Bardin, Daum une industrie d'art lorraine, Metz 2004, p. 206, one of the vases with daffodils), of the few 'intercalaires' obtained by the manufactory, three were exhibited in 1980 in Hokkaido (Centenaire de Daum au Japon, n. 24-26); Christophe Bardin goes there (pp. 205-208) to this, probably in 1904 because of the difficulty of execution, discontinued technique.
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