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Daum Freres, Nancy, 'Muguet' jug,…

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Daum Freres, Nancy, 'Muguet' jug, 1893, H. 8.5 cm. Designed by Jacques Gruber. Cased glass, light brown opalescent and clear. Etched decor, worked with the wheel and heightened with gold. Motif with lily of the valley. Signed: Daum Nancy, Lorraine Cross (gold signature)., Ricke / Schmitt, Glas des Art Nouveau, collection Gerda Koepff, Munich 1998, p. 180, reproduction of a panel of the manufactory 'Opale grave et dore, two sketches of the vessel form (one without handle, intended for a mount) with the decoration 'Muguet'.
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