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Emile Berchmans

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Emile BERCHMANS (1867-1947) Project for a poster in the Art Nouveau style, 1916 Charcoal and pastels on paper. 815 x 600 mm (view) | 104,5 x 78 cm (framed) Life-size cartoon for a poster, unsigned. PROVENANCE: With Imprimérie Bénard S.A., Liège, in 1916 under the direction of Armand Rassenfosse (1862-1934); Private collection, Liège. RELATED WORKS: Emile Berchmans (1867-1947), colour lithograph, Imprimérie Bénard S.A., Liège, 1916 (830 x 600 mm. Musée de la Vie Wallonne, inv. A. 9050B). LITERATURE (including Press): De bons accapareurs, in Le Télégraphe, 26/10/1916. Phedon, Le Carnet d’un Liégeois, in Le Télépgraphe, 27/10/1916. La vie en Belgique, in Le Télégraphe, 29/10/1916. Chronique téatrale, in Le Télégraphe, 30/10/1916. L’Affiche en Wallonie, Liège : Massoz S.A., 1980, cat. nr. 137, ill. p. 121. NOTE: Berchmans made the present poster for a “Grand Concert Artistique de Charité” organised at the Kursaal in Liège on the 28th of October 1916. We read: “The poster was considered a masterpiece when it first appeared in the city and was commented with great praise in the press.” It was yet “another testimony to a talent made up of simplicity and finesse, nobility and harmony. (And) has all qualities that need to be reunited in a good poster: originality, concision, elegance of line and the attraction of colour.”

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