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Virtuosity Rewarded for a "Violinist" by Gen Paul

On 05 June 2020, by Philippe Dufour

Unsurprisingly, the work by the expressionist artist set the tone in the bidding at Saint-Brieuc. In its wake came an early figure by Pompon and a seascape by Jean Dufy.

Virtuosity Rewarded for a

Gen Paul (1895-1975), "Violoniste",1928 , oil on canvas, 92 x 73 cm.
Result: €75,020

The painting by one of the most celebrated citizens of Montmartre seems to express the vibrant music produced by the bow of the "Violinist" (92 x 73 cm, 36.2 x 28.7 in). It is true that this portrait of 1928, established as one of the finest examples of the painter's work, did not escape the admirers in the running. Some Russian buyers finally carried it off from their Chinese rivals for €75,020. At €32,065, this was followed by a figure straight out of a monument of 19th-century literature: little "Cosette" trying to lift a bucket of water far too heavy for her… It took all François Pompon's talent to illustrate the unjust fate of the little girl, modeled and cast in bronze with a brown shaded patina, of a good size (80.5 cm, 31.6i n high). We then headed for the open seas with a view of "The Port of Honfleur" from the ocean, executed in gouache and watercolor on paper (30.5 x 59 cm,12 x 23.2 in), and sporting Jean Dufy's signature. It took €17,545 to capture this breath of iodized air.

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