A member of the Cracovia Group

On 04 February 2019, by Philippe Dufour

Tadeusz Brzozowski (1918-1987), "Podest", acrylic on canvas, 1959, 80 x 110 cm.
Result: €85,400

"Podest", this painting by Tadeusz Brzozowski (a representative of the painting revival in post-war Poland), rose effortlessly to €85,400 after a high estimate of €15,000. The artist's price index is undeniably set fair, as this score falls within the high range of his results. Born in Lviv in 1918, he studied art at the Krakow Fine Arts Academy. After Poland's liberation, art was mainly dictated by Socialist Realism, but the mid-Fifties saw a burgeoning of movements similar to those in Western Europe. A member of the Cracovia Group, Brzozowski subsequently joined the Abstraction movement, as witness this painting of 1959. His virtuosity was clearly recognised in high places, as he represented Poland twice at the São Paulo Biennial (in 1959 and 1975), and once at the Venice Biennale (in 1962).

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