Sculpture in the Spotlight with an Anonymous Christ

On 02 November 2020, by Philippe Dufour

An unexpected sculpture created a sensation – this 18th-century Christ Crucified, as beautifully carved as a remarkable panel by the Paris sculptor from the same period.  

Christ in patinated bronze, 18th century, h. 32.5 cm (12.8 in).
Result: €164,820

With his head bent to the left and a perizonium (short loincloth) tied on the right, Christ's tormented body expresses all the violent torture He experienced on the Cross. Executed in the 18th century, this bronze figure with a fine dark patina, unfortunately, remains anonymous. But neither that nor portions missing on the back prevented a fierce battle, and it finally went for €164,820 after a high estimate of €500. More eagerly awaited was the virtuoso work of Aubert-Henri-Joseph Parent, who, at 24, sold Louis XVI a sculpture, which the king hung in his dining room. This remarkable limewood panel carved in relief represents a bouquet in an openwork basket. The still life, more alive than ever, is set in an oak doucine frame (14.76 x 16.77 in) with molded rows of beading and ribbon. Signed and dated 1775 on the bottom right-hand corner, it certainly deserved its final bid of €27,060.

Monday 19 October 2020 - 14:00 - Live
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