A Beautiful Offering for the Gods of Olympus

On 12 July 2019, by Philippe Dufour

These Greco-Roman divinities could proudly look down from their peaks. This seduction scene by Theodoor Rombouts fetched four times the initial estimate.

Attributed to Theodoor Rombouts (1597-1637), Mars, Vénus, Bacchus et Mercure (Mars, Venus, Bacchus and Mercury), oil on canvas, 156 x 247 cm. Result: €369,000

This painting of Cupid spying on Mars, Venus, Bacchus and Mercury changed hands in Clermont-Ferrand for €369,000, breaking the record for a work by the Flemish master even though it had only just been attributed to him. The painting features all his earmarks: large dimensions (156 x 247 cm), a sensual atmosphere, and, above all, his characteristic chiaroscuro. Rombouts lived in Rome at the same time as Caravaggio, who had a decisive influence on his art. Skipping forward in time, the auction also featured a tapestry by Guy de Chaunac Lanzac, better known by his ecclesiastical name, Dom Robert. Championing the renewal of tapestry after the Second World War, he had his flowery pieces, which are highly sought-after today, made in Suzanne Goubely’s Aubusson studio. Les Trois Samouraïs (The Three Samourai) features three multicoloured, beautifully feathered roosters sizing each other up amidst poppies and yarrow in a flowering field. The 6/6 tapestry sold for €26,620.

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